i try to listen to everybody

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Even the ones I already know are poison. Yes, it gets to be too much for me and I do snap it off early sometimes... in self defense... but mostly I try to cover the spectrum so I'm not locked into a mental loop and missing the forest for the trees.

Today I caught Granny Fussbudget's mostly weekly ludicrously pedantic patronization of potential rubes, er, subscribers. He was talking about this morning's repeated horse shit being blamed on Iran. In the course of explaining how it could only have been Israel or Saudi Arabia, he very pointedly told the world it could NOT have been American frogmen because Trump has nothing to gain by such an action.

Well, Mister Envy for Brains isn't a stupid man, but he IS scared to death of what we're now calling "the deep state"... better known here as "globalist psychopaths" or "lizards driving around in their human suits"... so he's finding it safer to ignore that it was almost certainly American frogmen NOT working under the president's orders.

Over and over and over we find President Trump weirdly publicly owning belligerent acts that somehow keep fizzling after the fact. We've discussed this. They do it and he can pick between acting like an unknowing ninny or owning it. I imagine this has happened to other presidents plenty, but it seems to be concentrated on this one.

I don't think his attempts to make Israel and Saudi Arabia like him and not wish to upset him are working as well as they might, and maybe at some point he'll get fried enough to move the embassy back to Tel Aviv and cut off all support for the genocidal fucks obliterating Yemen... or... I'm dreaming again.

pipe up any time....