nice of him

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To assume anyone who hasn't seen it yet would want to do something about it once they did, but it really does look as though what Admiral Janeway calls the "slow burn" has sped up, despite efforts to keep it from becoming a thing in the mainstream narrative.

Even The Donald has to talk bullish or the house of cards will go up in smoke, and despite his outright heroic efforts to do things to mitigate the burn damage, it's burning way too hot to stay slow. Maybe the new arrangement with Mexico will tamp down some of the flames.

And the non-arrangement with China is tamping down flames. I'm sure that's because Trump's only willing to make an arrangement that tamps down flames. Truly, it seems obvious to me that the president is focussed on easing the pain for all of us, DESPITE the psychedelia being made of our society to prevent his success.

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