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Cholesterol lowering drugs are POISON. There is no amount of cholesterol that can be considered bad for your health. Your whole body needs it, the amount you eat or don't eat has very little effect on your cholesterol levels, and poison that lowers your body's cholesterol level causes all kinds of SERIOUSLY unhappy disease states.

I've lost three people I love beyond expressing to Parkinson's-related dementia. All three of them had been taking statin drugs for a long time. If you are taking any cholesterol lowering drug now, STOP.

And if you have heart disease, spend a LOT of time researching online or you are fucked.

There is one proven factor that causes heart attacks: stress. This is more especially true in people with family histories of heart disease. Atherosclerosis is often called "heart disease" but it is caused by eating too much carbohydrate. Specifically, the carbohydrates injure the blood vessels and the body sends cholesterol to repair the damage.

There is evidence floating around out there that artery clogs are the result of heart attacks, not the cause. I need to work on that more, but tend to believe it because my first heart attack simply grew a new blood supply around the fucked up spot in the artery, and I think my second one would have done the same if I hadn't gone to the ER.

Be all this as it may, this all also connects with Type II Diabetes in a big way, so just because you don't have heart disease is no excuse for failing to pay attention.

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