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They are about midway through the gentrification of Humbolt County right now. Soon it will be all very wealthy landowners with small enclaves for farm workers, like Sonoma County and Marin County... even though Mendocino has so far managed to stay about half real and half gentry... probably because it's next to Lake County which is about 10% wealthy and 90% next to indigent or outright indigent.

As the last of the middle class is driven out, and their properties and businesses snapped up by gentrifiers, is when they also start clearing out the drug dealers and addicts who were installed and encouraged to facilitate this. Law-abiding immigrants can have the domestic and service industry jobs and apartments or condos semi-nearby their jobs. No amount of bighearted planning by the remaining locals will stop this either.

They never fail to opine like mad online, but action is NOT their strong suit.

To the victor go the spoils... and the victor is ALWAYS the doer with the WILL and the dollars to outlast everyone. This is how California has been operating for most of my life, and it's getting worse instead of better. It's getting worse because too few of us are resistant to the siren call of blatant opportunities to think well of ourselves over ever doing anything... but hide or run. I think this is the third wave of wringing out our state and outraging neighboring ones.

Works like a charm.

The prime real estate goes to the psychopaths and early graves to the rest of us.

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