so i guess it wasn't just me

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I was experiencing severe difficulty uploading an image, but, worse, my email was pau, which, after more than a month of horrific malfunctioning from a bad OSX update, was particularly upsetting.

I mean, not that you guys are particularly trying to beat down my door with communications, but... still. My emails can get darn life and death urgent sometimes and malfunctions are NO fun.

THEN, when I could sign in online, but not through my email program, I was further vexed.

All the while, YouBube was playing me classical guitar music, which is why there are no splats of brain bits on this post... and, now, finally, everything appears to be in working order again, and it could've been Google trying to make the DoJ wary of coming in too strong on the antitrust stuff.

Don't be daunted, boyz, and please head on over to Bezos' place while yer at it.

pipe up any time....