the bad news and the good news and the weird news

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I may have mentioned to you already about my life-threatening dilemma with Walgreens. I have been being tortured, driven mad, by them for many days, having to try to stretch what should not be stretched and then clean OUT of my thyroid hormone replacement, losing more brainpower by the minute, trying REALLY hard not to stress myself into another heart attack, having to pull myself together enough to get to the clinic this morning to plead for the show to stop until we could find me some natural thyroid pills.

It was awful. That fucking ludicrously-fancy building full of "doctors" and "dentists" is almost always brimming with country bumpkins who are NOT stolid about their maladies. The constant groaning echoes off the vaulted ceiling and pingpongs around in my skull until someone can cut out a minute to threaten the pharmacist's life for me.

If I do it, I'll be hauled off to jail.

So I had to sit with the groaners and whimperers for an hour before the pharmacy was made to mystically come up with my goddam thyroid pills, for which, for at least ONCE, my insurance DID pay, and so my chances of regaining some chi and the rest of my IQ are looking up.

The GOOD news is that my-niece-in-old-roommate-law was born today.

This is me with her mother when she was the same age:

As for the weirdest news I've had in a very long time, people, women, out in the public over the last few days, total strangers, have been exclaiming about how pretty I am.


The theory has to be that the closer I am to frank madness, the better looking I get.

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