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Earlier today, I came across a very long and vivid piece about man's inhumanity to man and how we have to be prepared for how this always goes down in pretty much the same steps. I didn't read it. I only gave it a hard skim and decided that for as much as I want you to snap out of your basic American plumpness of heart long enough to look at trends that do not seem to be pointing anywhere good, it was just too fucking much, and the guy's nutty, even if he makes a LOT of extremely strong points.

Here... if you gird yourself and can see through the terrorism.

I wasn't going to link it, despite how much information is in it, until this Somali-born congresswoman business ended up taking over the day. It's hard to remember about Somalia, about the insanity of their civil war, but even a cursory look will give you the idea that it's no place to live... make you want to help the innocent people... take refugees... even if they're lying to get out of that hell... but how do you tell who's innocent? And WHAT happens when you don't find out?

How many Somalis are "bad guys" and how do they go about it? Who helps them and why?

In the case in point, the deceit has not been so innocent, and the short tenure in Congress has not been exemplary either. Oh, yeah, darn not. Ludicrously darn not. So I'm thinking of our dead troops, the men trying to make her homeland a safer place to live, and, excuse me, but if this is so, and it seems to be, she's an illegal alien, an obviously not very scrupled one, and she has the nation's ear.

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