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I am fried from not enough sleep, having put my foot down and stopped taking a half a chill pill every night to give me a chance to fall asleep.

The silver lining is that I'm again an authority on the middle of the night around here. The mugginess of the past few days does not dissipate at night. As the sun starts thinking about getting out of bed, it's still near 70ยบ and humidity high.

Everything fungal — personally or atmospherically — is deep in carnival and so locals are going for rinses in the surf or bathing a lot in essential oils and sundry creams, depending on proclivities or activities.

So, bearing all this in mind, I feel the need to be more explicit about Stalin and Mao, number two and number one in terms of sheer population extermination, being AOC's twin brothers. They were also both dolts driven by oceanic envy who found the key to power was vociferous mouth noises about quality of life for the oppressed, promising peasants the moon.

And then slaughtering them wholesale.

And their backers were every bit as fucked up as hers.

And "AOC" is just my shorthand for Gavin Newsom.

pipe up any time....