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Be all this as it may,
The public has been well-distracted by the Democratic Party primary circus, and all reporting about the aftermath of RussiaGate has vanished from the front pages of the news media. Ostensibly, Hillary Clinton is enjoying her solitary walks in the Chappaqua woods and all seems well in the Deep State world. Yet, consider that wild things lurk in those thickets. The DOJ Inspector General, Mr. Horowitz, is overdue with his own report — perhaps stymied by a lack of cooperation in wringing declassified documents from the hands of the many intel agencies involved… while Mr. Barr and his deputy, John Durham, are at work in the background on their own investigation. There will also be repercussions upcoming in the matter of General Flynn, who switched attorneys recently and may be reconsidering his guilty plea based on Mr. Mueller’s prosecutorial misconduct in withholding exculpatory evidence from Judge Emmet Sullivan’s court.

It’s just possible that Robert Mueller will not be reading chapter and verse from his sacred report, like an old-school Episcopal priest, but rather pleading the Fifth Amendment to avert his own potential prosecution.
They're amping up the distractions in a major, major, major way, because, well, you know, totalitarians need useful idiots to start people warring in the streets before they kill them....

They gotta get the crackdown in order to have their way... Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg lynched, Antifa slaughtered, God only knows how many conflicted cops harmed or dead... DON'T go there. Help make it stop.

Try extra hard to wake up from this partisan nightmare.

Psychopaths are dusting you with sleeping powder.

Please wake up.

pipe up any time....