knowing what you know about humans

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How can you say he's wrong?

See, I know I'm nutty, but I have cared enough to listen to the dissidents and the other side over the course of my life and I have seen that they're NOT stupid, and many of them quite more intelligent than those basking smugly in the mainstream view.

Yes, lots of them are blindly following charlatans because they can't cope with making their own life decisions, but you are not taking into account that you have been doing precisely that your whole life. You were taught your smugness, your default sense of superiority, in school... where they drilled you on the mainstream view, the official story, just as though it had ANY more merit than the legions of dissenters.


I finally got enough sleep, dream sleep, yesterday. Mostly just the lower levels, until a nap took me and I was dreaming along to my latest favorite podcast.

I'd gone to my dad's house. My sister was alarmed and angry, but could only scowl and run off to some dark recess. There was a great room in which my father was sitting in his chair listening to a sprinkling of musicians telling tales of all the famous people with whom they'd worked.

He didn't even audibly greet me. Just the same old telepathic acknowledgement while he was in the middle of his favorite thing on earth, listening to brilliant guys holding forth about the things they know.

I realized he was the only one who could really help me with this horrific legal problem with my psychopath sister, and was even feeling silly for not trying to enlist his help earlier in this mortal ordeal.

I wanted to talk with him about it, but these musicians kept talking over me, all starts were stifled by their fully engaging stories. At last, my dad got up and went off to take a shower. I could see his bare feet in the bathroom of the house he'd built for us to grow up in, as the door shut.

Except, of course, he's been dead since 2010.


So, but, since it's summer, I've got to leave some doors and windows open to cool this place off enough to sleep at all and to get the jump on the warming of each coming day. There was no overcast last night, and the moon was SO bright it looked like sunrise. It beamed in and woke me up. Hurt my eyes.

That was hours ago. I had to get up and close everything off and then I was too busy listening to musicians telling their tales to realize I didn't go back to sleep.


And, BTW, not that I wanna start nuthin, but inniss weird?

pipe up any time....