babe-y trafficking

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The part you don't think about when you're concentrating on the international control file business. It's not only control files. It's a lot more.

And I am pissed off that I have to feel depressed about the [maybe] death of such an epic villain. You might think his clients were/are horrible people, and be that as it may, he and the people who made him are/were even worse.

There are people making cases for Israeli/Mossad backers and people focusing on the CIA, and I'm here asking IS THERE EVEN ANY DIFFERENCE? The POINT is to use young disposable sex dolls as blackmail against people whose cooperation you require.

People going on about this is how power circles have always worked. Nothing to see here, move along. And I'm wondering WHEN enough people have their heads out of their asses far enough to STOP it.

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