watch the hell out

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It's as though no one can rip their mind out of their childhood, when parents laying down the law stopped the bad stuff.

It's like the increasing number of full grown people standing in front of the rubble of their homes after any disaster and whining about "the authorities" [parents] failing to meet their needs.

The mass shootings only have anything to do with guns insofar as some people want them taken away. An AMERICAN ADULT would address the problems instead of feeding a LUDICROUS political wedge issue to work up a frenzy in the population to abolish our own rights and freedoms and safety. Instead it's this horrifying resort to mommy and daddy, rule makers, providers for the incompetent children locked in superannuated bodies.

It's already terrifying, but wait until it's the next generation in charge. The bearers of extinction level puerility are already pounding on our door, so to speak.

This is Trump's chance to insure the 2nd Amendment keeps protecting us. I recognize that right now he needs to speak such that it de-escalates the political furor, but he better not take any steps against the constitution or he's going to lose too many of his most ardent supporters.

Let alone the ones who are already hanging on by a thread.

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