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We Californians have listened for decades about how they're going to house the homeless and raise the prospects for workers... most of whom, by the way, are now homeless or dead from homelessness. Every single ballot measure to fix this or ease the suffering passed and it's only radically worse now.

Hospitals and schools are top heavy with extremely well-paid administrators, while teachers and nurses are forever on strike to even approximate a living wage. Decade after decade of [passed] bond measures on the ballots for both, and nope, STILL doesn't cover it. Cities themselves are turning into disease vectors.

When they call themselves "progressive" too many confuse that with social progress. No! It's to progress their bank accounts at everyone else's expense. People think they are humanitarian despite the decades of them never delivering on any of their promises and despite them now openly backing wars and street gangs of thugs and now assassination fantasies.

I can't believe how SLOW so many Democratic voters are.

No. Really. WHAT would it take? A cast iron frying pan upside the head?

NOT that Republicans are wonderful, but they're CERTAINLY not worse.

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