eyedrops or raindrops?

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I finally found my seven-years-expired dropper of Omnipred last night... right about the same moment it started raining again, only this time for real, and so I'm unsure whether it was the steroid or the air cleaning that helped convince my left eyeball to stop trying to leave my face.

Maybe both.

But probably the steroid. Shit. I thought this really had stopped happening to me. Ophthalmologist told me it was almost certainly an autoimmune thing. Heavy sigh.

It's partly cloudy but mostly sunny out right now at 76ยบ. This means less of a chance of lightning fires today than usual, but it's still drying pretty fast, so lort only knows what will be flaring up any minute now.

Wildfires. My left eye. Tempers. More fungus. All. None.

pipe up any time....