i shouldn't have to mention this but

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You could well need reminding.

Pushbutton revolutions, aka color revolutions, are NEVER about your freedom and happiness, WHEREVER you are. You want an idea about the kind of instability that follows? Look at what spawned the Soviet Union and Maoist China. Look at what happened to The Ukraine's Orange Revolution, the rampant corruption and looting of that country. To the "liberation" of Libya.

That's plenty enough to bone up on in order to catch my drift. No matter how oppressive the regime you are overthrowing, the forces that have used your discontent to topple them are AS oppressive and usually MORE. So when you hear
“No border! No wall! No USA at all!”
you are hearing the cry of globalist psychopaths for their opening.

Seriously. Watch the video at this link if you want to catch a glimpse of the machinery at work on your body like a circling vulture. If you can't look deeply enough, try asking yourself who's paying for at least half of these nitwits to get across the globe to these conferences. NOT Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin or George Washington.

You want decency back? Work your butt off to strip all the paint off the constitution. If you are going to hit the streets and cause mayhem, make sure your demand is a restored to pristine constitution. Or you are condemning our posterity to hell.

And, for fucksakes, QUIT imagining that "globalism" means freeing the whole world.

Snap out of it.

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