it looks much less awful on graphs

[click image]


Than it does in pictures and maps.

It reminds me of gorilla poaching. Rhino horn. Mining the stone for building Cairo from the Giza Plateau. It reminds me of the assholes renting kids to get into our country, even the assholes drowning in the Colorado.

Anyone else wanting to blame Jair Bolsonaro for this needs to be reminded that his predecessors didn't exactly leave without serious help from our State Department. It's a vicious cycle of greed and incompetence, sort of like a burning tire necklace around the planet.

The answer has NEVER been immigration OR pillage OR dumping huge sums called "aid money" into the hands of people who will only keep it for themselves and their cronies. But nothing ever improves until HUMANS improve, or we luck upon a benevolent dictator here and there.

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