it's been FOURTEEN years

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Since I snapped on a "progressive" internet radio host who I'd just found out was backed by a union boss who'd taken to organizing illegal aliens since all the citizens in his union had been dumped out of their jobs. "WHAT!?!" sez me, "You want a future where there's private armies guarding a bunch of fortresses against the huddled masses outside their gates? You want the ONLY people able to support a family to be the ones who can chase work all over the planet? ARE you nuts!?!"

He didn't understand me.

He thought I was being hysterical.

The supposedly bottomlessly patriotic progressive liberal who bitched about us ONLY needing to elect more Democrats to get our country back COULD NOT fathom what in the fuck I was yelling about.

Does this help?

Can you SEE it yet?

Let me try not to scream. If you want freedom and world peace, you take the warning from the world, from your life on this pale blue dot, and you work your heart out to get our manufacturing back, no matter whether it's automated or staffed by humans, to have a planet full of peacefully trading sovereign nations.

Or this gets exponentially worse.

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