rageaholic rides in to save me again

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I wasn't going to bother posting this stuff, but my hero has given me back the chi. Yesterday, I ran across this tweet from a professional photographer, which led me to look for the original article.

They appear backwards in time. The first one was last and the second one was first.

Never mind about all the wildly varying times he was supposedly found dead of "apparent suicide" in his cell. Even if the EMTs found him dead, but were trying to revive him, they would have started CPR and maintained it straight through to when they handed him over to the ER doctors.

So no breathing bag when getting out of the ambulance at the hospital means he was either alive, breathing on his own, or dead and the application of the breathing bag before entering the ER moments later was just window dressing.

The other thing that is nagging at me is that Epstein appears to be holding the line from the portable EKG for them as they enter the ER... which... unfortunately... I can attest to being what you do when you are being wheeled into an ER by EMTs, if you are conscious. Could be I'm seeing things or someone in the ambulance has a mordant sense of humor.

So. Ignoring the frenzied water muddying altogether and only looking at the images, I can state for certain that was Epstein on the gurney and either still alive or dead with some smart ass EMTs. The only other possibility is that the images used for this "apparent suicide" were taken a couple weeks ago when they also took him to the ER, only that time not quite dead.

Sorry. He didn't kill himself. He might be dead or he might be sprung.


Just a bridge too goddam far for me.

Either we all go screaming naked off a cliff right now OR our DoJ is feigning this level of incompetence to keep their star witness alive and the evidence with a pristine chain of custody.

Going off image evidence alone, Epstein's either alive and helping feign his death or dead and they want us to think he might be still alive.

It's the same with this evidence collection idiocy. I mean, WHO did that drone footage that was out IMMEDIATELY? Probably not anyone out of the loop. Either it was being taken off the island, and elsewhere, AS Epstein was arrested, as would be normal and righteous LE procedure, or they purposely let the public think nobody'd been to the island for evidence yet, and are willing to let us think they've been putzes from the first through the last.

AND the only decent explanation for why Maxwell has been nowhere this whole time is that she was nabbed when Epstein was, and that's being left a mystery to us for the same reason as the rest.

Truly. Either our complete DoJ is beyond the pale incompetent/corrupt OR they knew as surely as all of the rest of us that neither Epstein nor Maxwell would live to face trial and all evidence would be long gone before even the perps.

We're left with these three RATIONAL choices: [1] federal authorities are completely incompetent/corrupt, colluding with pedophiles to rid them of a terrible liability; [2] the Mossad went postal on our DoJ and took back their agents and evidence; or [3] that our DoJ is both competent and forcing the psychopath rats out of their hiding holes so they can be taken out as well.

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