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Even though it's not all that fun and there are long patches in the weeds, so to speak, this is some vital information you probably never consider, because you don't KNOW about it, when assessing the immigration question... OR the pot question... OR the environmental question... OR anything else on fire in the state of California.

It was worse for me because I don't like this guy, don't want him anywhere near one of my heroes, but I've got to listen to him referring to us as "Cali" and parroting the fucking bogus water usage stats put out by some TOTAL putz forestry "scientist" — when using real and rational numbers is QUITE bad enough — and just an entirely too avid attitude about the militarization of our law enforcement bodies.

Maybe it irks me the most that there IS a calamitous need for it, but it's still painful to my ears, and I think you ought to let your ears be pained to get through this because it's not just California and the stakes are HIGH.

None of us needs any prodding on the problems of drought and environmental hazards and wildlife preservation. We're ON it. But we probably don't know that Fish and Wildlife has gone full-Rambo to keep any kind of lid on the dreaded-by-local-law-enforcement "cartel grows" everywhere in our state because of the apocalyptic levels of damage they are doing.

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