a new sleep aid

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I have been basting in the monotony of guys reading me excerpts of scholarship on Sumer and other ancient civilizations, and today I came across a link to some travesty of Nag Hammadi, some soy boy reading about the creation of the world with bad guitar playing very annoyingly too loudly in the background. Instead of getting really mad about it, I just used it as impetus to find someone just reading it straight.

This is excellent monotony for my purposes. I just keep playing it until some of the phrases stick, which I can do because I am so often sleeping through most of it, eventually having been awake and listening enough to recognize most of it.


Well... and... so... that worked extremely well... too early... but... hey.

Had me a two-hour evening nap wherein I dreamed I was housesitting for a bunch of women who were off on a camping adventure, but they kept coming back here and there for this or for that until they all seemed to be back and I'm all fer crapsakes, girls, you suck at camping. Maybe they were offended into going back out there, because soon I was alone again and feeling that I was too insanely weighted into my nap.

Half awake and hearing gospels droning but still in their house. I was dragging myself up in time to see the puffer fish leap out of its tank, do a weird bendy fishy maneuver and then sort of hop into a big pile of kitty litter. The cat was not amused, and, too leaden, was not happy about having to rescue this wayward fish, trying to make my mind move through the syrup of steps necessary to get him back into his not very happy, but much happier than this, situation.

I was approaching unsteadily when I saw there was also a big puddle over in the kitty corner. From a roof leak, which shocked me up out of my weighted napping a jot, enough to be both awake and snoring through the Gnostic droning, but also still almost what you would call paralyzed, trying to decide if I should check the laundry area for roof leak puddles, or just go back to sleep, or take my mother fucking million-dollar night shift pill and hope to get back to sleep, or pretend like it's only 8pm and I have no interest in any of these things.

I opted for the last. Had some coffee like I'm daring sleep to take me back.

It doesn't care.

pipe up any time....