admiral catherine austin janeway

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Heavy sigh.

You guys don't know HOW frustrating this shit is for me. I told her five years ago that the missing trillions are best accounted for, NOT by a secret space program, but by them simply disappearing those trillions back into the void from which they came.

They disappear zeroes as easily as they appeared them to start with.

Oh, no, no, no! That CAN'T happen. The balance sheets have to balance. Class dismissed.

Like I'm the clueless nut I sound like to Professional Types.

I was, and still am, very frustrated by this behavior. Capitalists IGNORE that nobody, not even the most fiscally responsible expert in terminology, understands what's going on with money. They cannot fathom that we have financial crises at the WHIM of sadistic psychopaths, that if money EVER was able to be balanced out into some kind of coherent economy, that has NOT been the case for a LONG time.

I beat myself up every other day for being such a goddam Tooth Fairy about so much, but it's outright awesome how someone with that kind of education and facility with numbers and experience with corrupt pig fuckers can STILL be at the base of it all this big of an Alice in Wonderland.

Here she is LITERALLY telling the world the exact thing she pooh-poohed from out my big mouth five years ago. The only difference is now she's telling us how they've sneakily legalized what's been being done illegally for a LONG time.

Fucking hell, Catherine. If you were not so addicted to yourself as the only trustworthy leader type, you could have been SO much more successful in making the positive difference you only insist motivates you.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that she is STILL missing my point, DESPITE coming out and saying it. It can't sink in when you're concentrating on your stories and selling more website memberships. Your income depends on you continuing to miss this point, EVEN when it's coming out your own mouth!

Taking something black MEANS nobody can see it. It vanishes... only some of it into a few crucial bank accounts. Unless you will next postulate the money is used to build a secret utopia where no money exists for its exalted inhabitants, it's just gone. It wasn't there to begin with and now it's STILL not there.

pipe up any time....