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I have spent this entire morning looking for THE piece that would explain everything to you about Michael Flynn, and you know for sure that Google has done as much as they can to make that a nightmare.

I've now got so many open windows that the box is about to crash — and the one encased by my skull — so I'm just posting this for the moment. I'll try to do something about all these links after I've aired out mind and machine, and really given up my so-far-futile search for that ultra-salient piece.

They, and my explanatory remarks will appear right here in this post in a little while.


This was filed today by Flynn's lawyers.


As you may or may not be well aware, I have been screaming about the horrifically underhanded JSOC activities abroad for quite some time. So maybe yer a bit confused about why I feel so strongly about General Flynn's case, why I like and admire the man, rather than revile him as some warmongering pig fucker.

HE didn't like it either and was working hard from the inside to fix it. A registered Democrat, working for Nosbaracktu, he waaaay on the inside on a lot of things that psychopaths don't want patriots anywhere near. They didn't notice in time.

I have given up trying to find the original piece that made up my mind, but I was careful this morning to look at sources from all sides, except the corrupt official narrative twaddle. Even a noted righty twitfacer's site, where I found some wildly vitriolic and interesting posts [one, two, three and four] you might "enjoy".

Not even one of the most risible bastions of liberalism could completely overlook it. Let alone Breitbart.

So I know that's a lot of reading, but the POINT is that Flynn is very clearly a patriot who was outraged by the perfidies of the Bush Administration, wanting to clean them up in the Obama Administration, and finding out the hard way that Obama was going flat out Bush Administration ON STEROIDS. Not enough for Nosbaracktu to merely force him into retirement, nosirreebub.

He specifically set out to hang the Russia horse shit on him in his failed coup attempt against President Trump.

It's been shown a thousand ways already, and many of us were onto it very shortly after Trump mentioned he'd been "wiretapped" but the globalist psychopaths have not stopped churning out psychedelia to obfuscate the truth in all that time.

It is NOT Hatfields and McCoys at work here.

It's globalist cannibals cooking our brains.

pipe up any time....