he doesn't lie

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Not to say he tells the whole truth either, just that when he does say something you can rely on it. Even with all this time having to endure the psychedelia from clown world, he stays steady and lucid.

It's up to you to weed this out for yourself, of course, and you never should forget that there are Russian expats and there are Russians. They are two radically different things.

The expats are criminals from immediate post-Soviet times and cannot return to Russia. Every single goddam time somebody accuses anyone of having truck with a "Russian Oligarch" you need to bear in mind that this is the exact term for the expat criminals we have been using for nearly thirty years... and that the oligarchs in Russia, while far from harmless, are more on a par with the movers and shakers about whom we alternately bitch and wax appreciative.

I know it's a goddam mess but that's how they pull world wars on us.

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