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I guarantee you will wish for some scissors to deal with the knots in your nervous system after reading this. I hate Ukraine. Not because they are more corrupt even than the United States, but because they clung to their victim act for ludicrously too long, and now some windbag is trying to tell us they have natural gas? After all that pleading for aid from Russia and not paying for it from Russia and then stealing it from Russia after they cut them off?

Which is an aside from the points trying to be made by this asshole, but worth noting.

Ever since the bogus Orange Revolution that cemented them in the minds of the Western population as desperate victims, the horse shit arising from their mere existence — incoming or outgoing — has turned into an Everest.

The ONLY decent way to deal with them is to let Eastern Ukraine join The Crimea in returning to Russia and let the assholes in and around Kiev have their own little ludicrous corruption generation country to themselves.

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