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The president was bragging just the other day that we are now officially the world's biggest oil producing nation — and I'm not going into what's wrong with that. A couple days later we read about Putin and the Saudi jerk talking about $25 a barrel oil, which made me laugh pretty hard... not that I thought they were serious, just that it was goddam funny.

It was funny because that's what we did to Russia when they needed that oil money REALLY badly, and it would be poetic justice to put it very mildly.

And, so, guilty as fuck, the psychopaths moved VERY quickly, I imagine, to obviate any ideas the Saudi jerk might have been entertaining to actually carry it out, by droning half his oil production capability.

I mean, the Houthis took credit for it... I guess... maybe even actually did it... I guess... although word WAS that things were winding down there and WHY would they want to bring down another mountain of shit upon themselves? So I don't really even think they did it, but HOW did they get the means to do it?

Obviously, Iran's going to be blamed. Obviously, obviously, OBVIOUSLY... except... they deny it. Outright. And angrily.

Iran is run by Muslim clerics who are NOT given to lying, OR pissing off Vladimir Putin, and we are propagandized to burnt stumps by fuckers who want us to believe Iran is full of murderating demons, BECAUSE they have the temerity to send military assistance to Islamic countries being attacked or abused, in direct defiance of Israel's God-given right to anything they want. Yes, Iran may be very angry and very proudly "ready for war", but they are NOT inviting it, so, no, they didn't give the Houthis the okay to do this.

We did it, or globalist psychopath moles did it unilaterally, or even Israel did it. You gotta ask cui bono, as we have had to face or lose the plot completely for far too long. Israel has wanted to turn Iran into a grease stain forever, so they like it. The globalist psychopaths want WWIII, so they like it. If Trump had anything to do with it, it would have been in a flash of ire over the Saudi jerk whose shit he's had to endure to his detriment getting uppity on him... but... I think Trump would've taken a few more minutes than this.

So. The rogue element nested in our military or Israel, whether or not the Houthis actually carried it out. Both prime suspects are fully capable of the requisite media manipulation to make us believe the Houthis did it.


No. Of course Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran would all love higher gas prices! NONE of them wants WWIII, and two of them have been working their butts off to prevent it against egregious provocations since the Fudd Administration. Do you think the Saudi jerk is desperate enough for higher prices to do it to himself?

Do you think the Houthis want Yemen turned to glass?

Seriously. Who's got the hard ons for Iran?

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