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I think it will be officially autumn tomorrow, but I think, actually, it's been here for nearly a month, in fits and blasts. I've been in here sweating my ass off since the last system came through and it looks as though that will be my lot again very soon, but right this moment it's very pleasant here.

Raining pretty hard but it's still just water dropping, not slamming itself to earth, and the temperature is mellow as heck, which is the biggest difference between miserable and pleasant around these parts. Lots of rain is actually mostly completely happy stuff. It's just when it gets cold and/or windy, when my refusal to turn on the heater starts testing my mettle and the sideways water starts finding ways into my house, that the precipitation starts aggravating me.

Decided last night to soak up some old movies, and I need to point out that Robert Mitchum was one of the best actors ever, but he thought nothing of it at all. He just did movies. Took whatever script. A movies. B movies. A movies that should have been Z movies. Masterpieces. What the heck ever.

In consequence, YouBube has found a way to charge for most of the masterpieces and leave a lot of crap to wade through for the great unwashed. I guess the worst part of this for me is having to waste time in opening sequences until I find one that won't piss me off.

pipe up any time....