same as it ever was

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I listen closely to the guys who have been up close and personal with this stuff, and if you do also, you will know they face atrocities too upsetting to address without a machine gun... or truckloads of grenades if yer throwing arm is good.

That's flat.

We ALL know why we're there, and it isn't to prevent the atrocities. If we leave, no more dope money, and Afghanistan reverts directly back to Taliban tyranny unimpeded. We've only accomplished tyranny impediment. Definitely not eradication.

The men fight and die to stop the tyranny, but that's not why they're paid.

The creepiest part is that the people of Afghanistan are now too goddam much like our young people here. Unwilling and stupid. In order to return the place to the people we'd need to commit many more American lives to literally sever every tentacle of tyranny while psychopaths keep raking in billions in black money from one of humanity's primary means of self-defeat.

A win/win for them and lots more death for the rest of us.

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