the circus is in town

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I think I've gotten my eight hours in over the last twenty-four... in about five increments. I was, of course and as usual, pretty sure I could just get up and stay up at dawn, but, of course and as usual, all that acting like I know what I'm doing and drinking of ultra-strong coffee knocked me the heck right back on out by around nine-thirty or so.

Slept like the dead until almost one, when, what to my wonderment but I could so hear it raining out there. It rained lightly for a couple days a little over a week ago, but it's raining kind of raining out there right now.

I'm all !!!!! and pulling dry things out of the mud room before they turn into wet things in the mudroom and marveling at how my almost nakedness from it being too hot for me for the last week is just right for this too, when suddenly it dawns on me that this is liable to be good news for firefighters — two inches in four days, even with lightning at the end, should be enough to stop whatever's been a problem for a while — so I checked the radar map.

Oh, well, so, I guess, the firefighters in Oregon are happy anyway.

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