they WANT khlamydia

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They realized early she isn't ever going to cut it with the people, so they shoved Biden in to make up for that shortfall. Not because they want him, but because that's how they get Khlamydia. Now it seems THE reason Joe was not ever going to throw his hat in the ring voluntarily is coming to pass, may actually make him as low with the people as she is.

If not, guess who will be his running mate.

Don't be thick.

But if the great unwashed persists in its objection to corrupt pieces of shit, Pocahontas has already been sniffing around after super delegates and she will do in a pinch... because she will ultimately be as easy to force into a corner as the doddering old loser still happily lapping up millions from the trough from his days as life insurance for the first black president.

Pat, yer getting old.

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