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You know, I had an insight into what the deal is with global terrorism approximately thirty-five years ago. I'd run into the guy who took me on my favorite date ever, having whisked me away from our tenth high school reunion to Sam Wo's in San Francisco, and we were sitting in his car across the street from my boyfriend's restaurant, catching up.

He was smoking a joint and I was smoking a cigarette. He was telling me he'd been in Paris for quite a while, sitting in on meetings of terrorist groups, getting a feel for what was driving them. I didn't put it together on the spot. No. Like the good Tooth Fairy's daughter I am, I thought he was a terrorist sympathizer freak and abruptly exited his car and stomped off. I could hear him giggling in my wake.

It was later that it struck me that terrorists didn't just hang with wealthy tourists, that he'd been slyly alluding to his work, his covert work, and then it struck me that the absolute best way to get the reigns on this planet would be to not merely infiltrate various suspected cells, but to become Terrorism Central, to BE terrorists and to make sure all networks lead to Rome.

Brilliant! Trillions to be made. Havoc and horror to be stoked. More and more power with the passing of each day, and instant access to the destabilization of ANYONE standing in your way.

I started hollering about it back then. Nobody tracked. EVEN, later, when I was among people interested in this exact thing, STILL they couldn't completely grok that NO terrorists — anywhere — were working outside Mister Global's network.

He's the one with the money after all, and if you try to freelance you're dead pretty fast because NOTHING is beyond his ken when he owns the entire terrorism franchise... on TOP of most intelligence agencies and politicians in the world. How many times do you have to listen in on John Kerry trying to soothe ruffled terrorists, or look at John McCain grinning amid the world's most wanted terrorists, or hear Victoria Nuland fuming "Fuck the EU," before you start to get the picture?

And it's right for our boys to kill them, even though they're drawing paychecks from the same place, even though it's the very same people starting the trouble they're sent in to stop.

It's just a crying shame we don't send them to kill THE real enemy.

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