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I have had great sympathy for the Cuban and Bolivarian Revolutions, having read SO much about the former and heard from the horses' mouths on the latter, but in recent years I have been FORCED to whittle it down to its marrow to pick between socialism and capitalism, DESPITE the fact that I think you are flat crazy to want a world where money OR any other form of value accrual, is necessary to humans at all.

The hard fact seems to me to be that EVEN in this vicious vampire capitalism, it is still the only system that leaves a chance for true leaders of men — true humans — to get the kind of wherewithal to topple tyrants.

Even where socialism seems to be limping along okay with the population, in an instant can arise a Hitler, a Stalin, a Mao, a Pol Pot and there's no stopping them without massive loss of life and complete destabilization.

The globalist psychopaths are on track to become FAR worse than any this planet has known in recorded history. We must learn from what we know of it, loose the bindings of mental conditioning and LEARN from it.


You'll need to have a population mad as hell and NOT going to take it anymore, or an oligarchy that mad, and, goddammit, wouldn't it be far superior if we didn't let this get any further out of hand?

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