full spectrum chaos

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I read this lunatic piece by Pepe Escobar last week that was headlined in an upbeat manner about South America slipping the bonds of the psychopaths' tentacular caresses. Aside from Evo's reelection, there wasn't a thing positive about it. I'm thinking he's smoking something.

The tentacles of the full spectrum dominance octopus have wrung chaos, or entirely too near chaos, in almost every corner of the world, which... ahem... is what you do when you want to take it over... and don't give me any guff about that not being what they have been doing, that no one is in charge but human idiocy because we've got a general who was and is NOT owned by the octopus, but by the very best traditions that should be governing the American presence on the world stage, who's working hard to nail the treasonous puppets and moles who ARE its tentacles.

No one acting in good faith could or would oppose him, but a bunch of people did, and it was NOT because they genuinely felt it was the best for this country. This country is just their tired and transparent lame excuse for doing unconscionable shit that harms humanity and enriches a very few.

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