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ALL our troops should be out of everywhere they are unwanted. Weirdly, I guess Saudi Arabia suddenly wants them. Back in the dark ages of 1990 they almost went postal over merely stationing some troops there in preparation for the turkey shoot in Iraq. Times change. We get older. It never stops.

Anyway, the point I really wanted to make is that if the president gets all our troops out, he probably still won't have gotten ALL our troops out. Insofar as there may still be malign influences at JSOC, our ultra-best will almost certainly still be causing covert mayhem where they are absolutely unwanted.

This won't exactly be Donald's fault... or not completely, anyway.

Just a reminder that the trapped rats ARE going to fuck us as hard as they can to get back in complete control. Even if you hate Trump, you should be using your very best judgement and realizing how much worse it would already be without him and will likely be when he's gone.

Tulsi MIGHT be a decent replacement, but that's the only other one who has ANY promise.

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