i'm always bragging about my dairymen ancestors

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I fell into a late evening nap I thought was going to be a night's sleep, but I started dreaming right away, which means it's not going to be a night's sleep.

I only remember wanting two cows and was traveling through the mere suggestion of terrain, to get to a house that was a mere suggestion of a house, to meet with a couple who would give me the cows. The husband was not there, but the wife pointed me to the barn where my cows were. The barn and the cows were dark, not very distinct.

I needed to take them one at a time. I hopped on one of them and started off. There were things needing my attention, but I was becoming aware that I was not riding a cow, but a bull, an exotic-looking blue black bull.

As we went along, I noticed him eyeing me intently. His head was turned slightly at first, but instead of proceeding onward, he kept craning his neck harder to glare at me the more piercingly. Just exactly as though he was trying to remind me of something, and I was just about to have it out with him about what this could be when I woke up.

I got up. I did not want to drink coffee, but I was desperate for some coffee, so I damn made a couple cups of mud and set about my online life and editing images, when it struck me the Magic Mouse problem we supposedly fixed the other day was back with a vengeance, and so just before I told off the people at Apple Support, I decided to check for an update on my "upgrade".

How the hell do they release SUCH glitchy "upgrades" after beta testing it for months? Fucking hell. But there it was. Took an aggravating while, but mouse is functioning again. I would be relieved, but it gets better after a reboot and then deteriorates again, so, of course, I have to wait to feel any relief.

I'm always having to wait to feel any relief.

It's just as though I've forgotten something vital.

pipe up any time....