oh, hell, let's just dwell on it today

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Lying is NEVER okay. Sometimes it's not very injurious to self or others, but mostly it's worse than cancer because it spreads everywhere, fucks up entire civilizations, ruins unspeakably many lives. Not only should you never lie, but you should also do your best to counter every single one of them you can spot.

No. Really.

Why do you suppose it's right up there with murder on the no-no list of every religion or mystical school that ever was? You think I'm crazy when I tell you the cosmic mind is made of action itself... that karma is the cosmic mind in and from action anywhere.

Lots of people call that sentient being "God".

You hate psychopathic mindfuckers BECAUSE of the malignancy of lies. No other single factor of their psychological makeup is AS nihilistic and destructive as the lies. The lies are the basis for all the other awful stuff about them.

But psychopaths are NOT the only liars in this world.

Try looking at the intent behind every single urge to lie that ever comes over you. Identify it for what it is and stop it. If you fuck up, and you might before you get the hang of it, apologize and do better.

Try making a big old hairy deal out of every lie you perceive instead of merely deploring it behind your own eyes, giving others the chance to stop being harmed by it, to start calling it out themselves. Try risking your anonymity and safety from pissing off friends, family, neighbors, bosses, officials, ANYONE in the interest of saving everyone from the number one killer of living things.

How many raving lunatics have screamed about the inmates being better qualified to run the asylum than the "normal" people who only call them crazy? Do you prefer idiots and psychopaths with no actual urge for actual healing or actual compassion or actual love anywhere within their ken keep running everything?

Guess what. If you don't stop letting it go on, it'll never get better.

If you don't stop calling shit what it's not — automatically reifying a thin air protective coating delusion — and start calling it for what it IS, you never get to live in a beautiful world, and neither does anyone else.

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