reminded me of my "thrilling" years as environmental activist

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These putzi have never stopped with their brain-freezing studies, which would be great if it EVER led to better human activities, but it never does.

We've had a very long drought. We seem to be past it now, but up river dams and fantastical amounts of very large illegal water diversions for the thousands of illegal pot grows have led to much lower water levels in the watercourses. The recent practice of fire tending instead of fire fighting has led to watercourse protection zones — belts of mature trees left to shade the watercourses to help regulate the water temperature for fish spawning — have burned to the ground.

Sun-exposed shallow water is much warmer than deeper, shaded water. Not only does this alone impact the fish directly, but it also encourages the proliferation of fish pathogens. There have been heavy losses to Northern California's fish populations in recent years... even, ignoring any problems with overfishing and poaching.

The slopes sliding into the watercourses, of course, further lowers their chances of successful reproduction. It's a goddam clusterfuck of natural forces and unnaturally STUPID human stewardship.

In other words: Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it EVER was.

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