silver lining of restating the obvious

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Young people and idiots need the help.

I have been noting that the pro-Julian core personalities are giving this whole travesty of justice the FULL Angela Davis treatment, trying mightily to appeal to the liberals' legendary softness for the oppressed to get him OUT of this hell. THE miscalculation of it is that most "liberals" are no such thing as soft or altruistic.

Self-righteous and vindictive, yes, but truth only impedes them and will not be tolerated.

I think all this bleating about Julian's health and mental status is a bad miscalculation. I'm not saying it isn't true in its own way, just that it is an antiquated, outright trite and practically useless tactic not even rousing the solidarity of cuteness junkies.

There has to be a million Assange quotes that could serve as devastatingly-effective memes and why aren't they being employed? Quit bleating. Quit bloviating. Quit with the Pilger-fying, the lone paragon of quiet virtue dribbling platitudinous scolds, and get real.

Get vividly real. See, it isn't just repetition needed to pierce the veil, the hardened shell, of ignoring, and especially not on the internet, especially not when someone's life is at stake.

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