the victors write the history

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There is precious little online that contains even a hint of the true origin of La Cosa Nostra. Still, there are hints near the beginning of this documentary.

The Don/Mayor who insulted Mussolini was known as Don Ciccio, who was ACTUALLY very well-loved by the locals for protecting them from both fascists and socialists. NOT a monster to anyone but invading power brokers who threatened the prosperity of Sicily's former peasant population.

His death, in 1957, gave rise to the Cupola.

The power structure formed to protect the people was eventually co-opted by greedy thugs, backed by the very forces La Cosa Nostra had been formed to keep out. The opposition is ALWAYS neutralized, and turned to serve psychopaths, this way. Always. Not at all different from what Soros and friends have done to today's left.

It's now fully owned and the repression of the population it had risen to serve is strangling out the life breath of our country. For as long as you can't comprehend the level of evil, there will be little relief from it.

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