a great kerfuffle arose yesterday

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Over claims that the ZeroHedge piece had wrongfully claimed an indictment against the Burisma owner... to the point where Twitter Pig @Jack began suspending accounts citing the piece. Mustn't besmirch a rogue globalist psychopath, after all. Spew balderdash about the president to your heart's content, but don't you dare mention Hunter Biden's debauchery.

At length, the Ukrainian press conference was duly translated again and the bone of contention was the terminology was equivalent of the opening of a formal criminal investigation, not precisely an indictment... if they follow the same steps there as here... but it still could be that opening a formal criminal investigation there IS the equivalent of an indictment here.

I mean, it all depends on when they consider the suspect worthy of a trial and it isn't as though there has not been a LOT of investigating on this already, and from clear back when Joe was bragging about getting the main investigator fired for it.

All this on the day when Hunter was shown to be the father of a love child and Joe was on stage with the herd of 2020 hopefuls. Yet, innit weird, I've already seen headlines about Joe leading the pack. It's risible and about as believable as the 2016 polling numbers.

I love my country. I am fervently hoping these many circuses are convincing all voters to kill the Democratic Party. I'm not wild about the Republican Party, though it's been improving lately. I just don't want anybody voting for Democrats ever again. I think it's the ONLY way to send the message that we're not taking this corruption and full spectrum dominance and citizen immiseration ANY more.

I mean, short of lining 'em all up and shooting them, that is. No, far better we cut the shit and demand our constitution back and the oligarchs shut back up in their palaces... where they can spend the rest of their days on the internet, studying the injection of sense and probity back into the government of the United States of America, plotting in their studies about any exploitable weaknesses in it.

pipe up any time....