about five minutes after

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I got the last of what I was posting yesterday posted, the power went out at Peggy and Jim's. Shit. They have a really nice generator, but their phones go out and the juice is too risky for computers. So. I got good and incommunicado'd and it stayed that way.

Miracle of miracles, though, my new pharmacist managed to chase me down to Fort Bragg with the pills I was going to run out of before I can get back to my hovel.

So. Basically. SOMETHING went right! Yaaaay.

I had great fun getting sloshed on corpse revivers with Peggy and got to Billy's house just in time for a fabulous dinner. And there is bonafide electricity and internet here... right now....

So, a gorgeous, gorgeous drive down the coast, with no traffic southbound. The pinheads were all on their way to Sea Ranch, and so it was mellow driving.

I, though, COULD NOT sleep last night and only got in about a medium nap this morning, so I'm pretty fried.

Also, not dead.

pipe up any time....