department of no shit sherlock

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Or maybe you need to be as poor as I am to see it, but it's pretty obvious they have been about the disempowerment of the masses for quite a while — the better to take over the globe — and it's increasingly obvious that we're right on the edge of falling into the bottomless dystopian nightmare.

So, if you've been wondering why I support men like Volodya and Donald when I'm so damned liberal and desiring of human decency to prevail, this is why. It's also why I have rejected socialism as a viable way forward. The only way for the sucking vortex to work faster, stronger, better is to go the socialist route.

How many piles of shit in the street and anachronistic diseases revived does it take before the lights come back on in your brain? Before you realize globalist psychopaths only CALL themselves liberal or humanitarian or democratic?

They only LOOK like humans. They aren't.

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