does she even know it isn't up to him?

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Or that IF there were an investigation going on it would be the better part of valor to make sure everyone thinks there isn't? I have no idea, of course, but I do know that conspiracy theories trump coincidence theories every single goddam time.

Plus, suddenly Victoria's Secret cancelled their annual runway show and Prince Andrew got fired, so it's not as though SOME sort of retribution isn't going on, Maybe not THE retribution. Maybe never or maybe only not now.

I do know that I bridle at the term "pedophile" being used to describe pervs who fuck pubescent girls. A pedophile is someone attracted to prepubescent people and pederasts act on that attraction. I see that pediatricians now cover newborns on up to age eighteen, but in this age of debauchment we need to be clear in our terms for this shit.

They're all pigs who broke the law many ways to Sunday, and I'm not excusing it, but until you've met a twelve-year-old who is actively hosing on middle-aged rich men, you might want to take my word for it that "pedophile" isn't the term.

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