fuck the math

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It's only a little less fallible than other languages, and this idiotic false dilemma that persists EVEN when some fucker realizes that everything is conscious. He immediately muddies whatever clarity that might have ensued by bringing up the seemingly deathless battle between fate and free will.

It's NOT one or the other! Consciousness is PURELY awareness. That we have senses does NOT mean we are unconscious without them. A rock is conscious. The sun is conscious. The COSMOS is conscious.

Humans have the ability to ACT on our consciousness, as do other critters... and plants. But our particular form of this ability has yet to be determined as a blessing or a curse in any dispositive way. This has everything to do with why you should try not to be an asshole about anyone's religious beliefs, and why you should never be as gullible about science or politics or math as you accuse religious people of being.

Check your mental conditioning.

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