i lived... but

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While I certainly reached the courthouse on time, definitely not at my mental best... quite nearly dead of not enough sleep and too long driving. And there were two more hours of driving before I could rest. I got some very strong coffee instead, and a little snack.

Lots of blathering and then Jim made me an ultra Corpse Reviver 2... not exactly a double, but nearly... since I was so very close to actual corpsetude. Then we had a fabulous dinner and betook ourselves to the comfy chairs in front of the place where one can watch fabulous old English homes being turned into modern masterpieces.

I slept through both episodes.

Then I woke up enough to strip and get in bed.

And I didn't even think to swear at my fellow motorists on the drive back today.

Nobody died.

I was the only one close.

pipe up any time....