it pretty much comes down to

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People who get their news from the legacy media and people who get their news from investigative reporters and freelance journalists and various persons who are interested all over the globe. Those who can't bring themselves to believe they're being lied to by corporate news outlets are convinced of psychedelia.

Even the ones who know about the constitution just immediately won't believe it's being broken to put on this circus. This floors me, but here it is.


I am huddled at Peggy and Jim's on my way south. Holiday, doctors, lawyers. Thereafter to do the trip in reverse. Motorists, scenery, thwarted [I hope] rodents.

Peggy made a monster haul of seriously pungent Irish Spring soap at CostCo and gave me three bars of it a few weeks ago. I immediately placed them in places where I know they get in and so far no mice or rats, but the real test is if they're not there after I've been gone a while.

I think the rats that were driven out of their nests by the neighbors ripping up their property last year may have already found a suitable alternative that isn't my house, but this will put 'er to the test. And the mice, I don't know their story. I think I've dented their armor with steel wool and I know they abhor Irish Spring, so maybe they too will opt against it.

If I hear any of those fuckers scurrying around under me, I'm putting Irish spring in the heater vents and blasting ALL our asses with that stuff. Try it. Breathe that stuff too long and it's like being put under for surgery.

Which, come to think of it, maybe I ought to mention to the doctor when he lets me know if my head needs bolting back on again... a maybe kill you or cure you kind of cheap anesthesia.

pipe up any time....