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I was in my late teens when I first realized the news was not giving it to us straight. I stopped watching the news. I was in my late twenties when I first realized the media were stenographers of government narratives and I would have to find alternative sources or stay clueless. I was in my late forties when I first realized there had never been any way — beside my innate knowing alone — of discerning fact from fiction via any medium other than direct experience meatspace experience.

That was scarier than heck.

But knowing it, made me go further into my innate knowing than ever before. It's been here for my whole life, but social conditioning kept bumping me off it. It still interferes like crazy, but it can't grab me by the throat and turn me into a total jackass like it does so many other humans.

I'm so grateful for it, even though dealing with deluded jackasses being smug about horse shit is so demoralizing I can barely think of a way to express it.

I am restored every time I hear people willing, able and generous enough to get real.

pipe up any time....