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It's not JUST the state. It's the feds too. It would feel better to me if he'd also be decapitating the incompetent fucks in charge of our national forestlands. That's a huge part of the problem and the state just ices that cake... actually, at least half icing and half cake.

It cannot be disputed that California flat out figures in FEMA aid in all its budgetary and planning imperatives. Maybe the most stark example is the long neglected Oroville Dam debacle. Decades of insufficient upkeep was the cause of that much strife and fear and federal expense.

Same with the decades of NO provisions for fuels removal in forests and timberlands and rural pockets of completely unmanaged acres of bramble and weed trees. Yes, there are many areas where controlled burns are used to keep fires from wiping out populated areas or parklands, but a huge percentage of those go out of control.

BECAUSE "it's too expensive" to mow and cut and chip and manually remove.

AND nobody wants the naked waste and loss of shade in places that get so fucking hot in the summers.

Every damn fire department is fighting with homeowners across the state to make defensible spaces around their homes, cool it with the hedges that grow to the sky and the trees that explode when they burn, and every damn community is screaming back about the advancing impassability of vital fire roads.

Nothing EVER gets DONE, except when the agencies throw up their hands, start answering it ALL with "fire is natural", and so fire settles it. So here we are, sworn to the natural removal of our problem and charging the federal government for the devastation because we're too busy lining cronies' pockets and importing slave labor that needs feeding and health care and education and sneaking into the voting booths.

No, I don't like the way the president is talking about it, and I don't know what he means about the water, but yes, I definitely take his point anyway, AND you will not find me denying that I resent the living fuck out of Sacramento and San Francisco and Los Angeles playing these farcical political games while our state LITERALLY burns down.

It has fuck all to do with ANY anthropogenic influence on climate change. California is NOT outside the pale of historic climate fluctuation. There have been droughts far longer and fires far worse. The population is out of hand. The government outright incompetent to manage the imperatives of this sort of population distribution, SO busy looking after all the capitalists' gains no thought can enter into the political theater of environmental management.

The bureaucrats ALWAYS default to protecting their paychecks. ONLY. NOT providing the service for which they were formed into agencies to begin with. We're not HUMANS anymore. We're numbers, and we go where we're put or we die.


Well, whaddya know? A state senator made a nearly true response....

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