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I looked everywhere last night for updates, but I guess the second guy succumbed later, too. It was heartrending stuff. The daughter of the first guy shot was running around screaming, "Daddy! No! Daddy! No!" and then you hear a whimper, "Papa." The media losing its shit over Jewish people cut by a madman and scrambling our brains over a major slaughter averted by American heroes.

And the shooting was a lot faster than Jack Wilson thinks. It went bang... bang... ...bang — two seconds, at the outside. Time, of course, would have slowed to a crawl for Jack, so I get why his estimate is off. Richard and Tony were shot inside one second and Jack nailed the murderer in the next.

Number of concealed carry licensed people coming to make sure he was down for good is all over the place, but I counted four for sure in the immediate aftermath of the shots. Jack, another, another, and the fourth guy lowered his gun and took out his cell phone to dial 911.

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