it's been a very rainy day

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I woke up early. I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground. NO food. So opted for some more chicken tenders and cream at the Fort Dick store, so that I'd only get half soaked instead of totally waterlogged from dealing with the supermarket and its monster parking lot.

You know I'm cracked for Mike Ritland. He's made us all wait for an endless stretch before he got his podcast back on, and I am much relieved to have him back.

So when I got back from my swim to Fort Dick, I ate a few chicken tenders and very quickly was ready to go back to bed. I fought it with coffee. Didn't work. So I turned on his podcast and got in bed. Out.

I was in a house so it was me in the relative, and the nasty one, since I knew my sister was in another room. I was in bed there too, but Mike was coming to see how I was. It was quite dark but I could see and hear him just fine. Instead of answering, I just planted my lips on his.

He kissed me back with lots of interest.

It was so peaceful and so loving.

So loving it ended my nap and all I can do is just keep that dream for a while.

pipe up any time....