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Going through my stacks of little-to-not-used bookmarks — while freezing my synapses listening to this, which is far less onerous and way more productive, not to mention radically SHORTER, than the first committee appearance by Horowitz — I decided to look at the Q public site for the first time in a long time.

Note the date on that piece. It was at the top of the Q site. I remember reading it and being glad to be reminded who was the decent guy out of the bunch.

Anyway, this time reading the whole thing a year later, it makes a lot more sense.

Innat odd?

And, as I've long held, FISA is unconstitutional. Insofar as it could be made as close to constitutional as we'd certainly have every right to expect, that would be a jot less objectionable, but, obviously, ALL their florid mitigations to make it the very least constitutionally-objectionable — which mitigations are the bread and butter of an ever-increasing number of well-paid feds — HAVE NOT MITIGATED AT ALL.

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